An Artist's Journey

Making art for art's sake is a wonderful, utopian ideal. Making art for product is something else.

For over forty years I have been creating art for product. Initially, for The Walt Disney Company, then for British comics, and then, back again for Disney, where I had been for the last 30 or more years. I finally left my position as Senior Principal Artist at the end of 2019 when I was excited to return to a personal animation project I had too little time for before. But this has been shouldered aside on occasion since 2019 as I have been asked to help out my ex-Disney colleagues with new character art and animation projects as and when neededed. I have been working from my own studio at home, but then, since the pandemic hit, so has pretty much everyone else. It's a new fluid world. Now I enjoy the perfect balance of drawing classic Disney characters on the one side, and animating my own small project "The Beautiful Game", now near completion and due for release early 2022, on the other.

This website is a tiny window onto my world.


Released 2022.

Character Art




I was head choir boy in the town that I was born, after my elder brother before me. Now, mostly I draw.

My three years at West Surrey College Of Art and Design were complex, yet I experienced some amazing things, and met some amazing people. Specializing in animation was natural, and even today, it is my first obsession.

But for the last 35 years I have been focussed on one thing; applying character art successfully to product, be it softlines, publishing, home, marketing and PR.


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